About Hungry4Food

Wel-come !!Hungry4Food management worked in the restaurant business for years, so taking care of customers is in our blood. Many of the food delivery system do not have integration option with back end POS system, this is where Hungry4Food.com fills the GAP in customer service. With full service NicePOS desktop back end system and Hungry4Food.com mobile application restaurant owner can have a one system that tracks all the order and payments. Online food ordering systems are plentiful however when you order food from our system you are also helping lots of hungry people who are unfortunate to get a one good hot meal, that is why we choose to open Hungry4food, every year we give away revenue to feed the food though local charity who feeds hungry people. Ordering food from our site is not only a smooth experience but also taking a time to help people who are suffering with hunger. You are not only satisfying your hunger but also someone waiting to get one good hot meal in a month or even a year. We came up the most efficient way to order food online – and in just a few clicks. Ordering food by phone presents so many hassles, it can ruin your appetite. Getting put on hold. Bad phone connection, misleading orders. Not being able to communicate with the person on the other end. Reading your credit card digits over the phone. Receiving your order only to find they got it wrong.
To avoid these hassle more are why online food delivery is the best thing to save time and make sure you get the right food. And we work to make it the best possible experience for you, with things like:
· Adding restaurants in 1,500+ cities - with more being added each day.
· Email, call or message us – 24 hours a day, every day (literally).
· A service that's 100% free and insanely intuitive to use.
· A 100% free and insanely intuitive mobile site.
· Easy re-ordering and pre-ordering.
· Cash back for future orders through CashCoupon.
· Exclusive offers and content through our Hungry4food.com program.
We're here to help you. Enjoy your food, enjoy the time you get back in your day, and most of all, you are also helping hungry people because Hungry4Food.com gives away hot meals to reduce hunger at your local community.

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